Frodo Beige

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Frodo Beige

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Frodo Beige

  • Hip everyday casual t-strap shoes/sandals for boys.
  • Made in France by Bopy.
  • Made out of brown/beige nubuck leather and hint of blue.
  • Close with a side velcro.
  • Excellent orthopedic arch support that is needed for children.
  • Leather innersoles that will assure dry feet.
  • Could be worn with no socks.
  • Flexible matching rubber sole.
  • Perfect for casual wear.
  • Could be worn with no socks.


More about the brand...

Bopy brand originated in France in 1870 with a small shoe making workshop in West of France. The creator of the brand was a young shoemaker Pierre Humeau, a young man who had a passion for creating quality kids shoes. With a help from his mother Pierre was able to get needed training and experience in a shoe modeling, development, and leather processing. Over the years the company developed into known children brand in France and gained prestige and loyal following from its customers. In 1905 the company expanded and begun to create specific lines for children of all ages. Bopy brand is considered the most regarded and trusted brands in France and entire Europe. With a current staff of 140 employees who share who share brand heritage and the constant commitment to Bopy brand. The company prides itself with shoes that are quality, orthopedic, unique and very stylish for every age group. Bopy are among our favorite store brand and our customers truly LOVE them.

gender Male
Age Group
age group Kids
color Beige
size Medium

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