Nowali moccasins, everyone's favorite sock-and-a-shoe celebrates their 60th year in 2010! Since 1950, generations of kids (and grown-ups, too) have loved the comfortable fit and combination of funky and classic designs. When Ake Johannson started the company at his small family farm in central Sweden, little did he expect it would grow into a brand known around the world. Success came quickly as the company's reputation for quality and value spread. In 1958, the company moved from Ake's farm to a new building. By 1960, they were the biggest producer of moccasins in Sweden and soon began to export to Europe and the United States. Today, Nowali moccasins are still proudly knitted in Sweden, stitched by hand and loved throughout the world. The Nowali company has grown a lot in 60 years, but their basic product remains true to its roots: Nowali moccasins are practical and comfortable footwear that stay on and look great. The commitment to quality and value extends to new products, too: socks, tights, slipper socks, and more are now part of the Nowali product family. Looking to the future, Nowali knows that our customers will always put top priority on quality products they can trust. Nowali uses Oko-Tex 100 certified yarns that contain no potentially toxic chemicals or dyes, and is committed to sustainable business practices that will take the company to its next milestones.