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Kinga Shoes, Specialized High Quality Special European Orthopedic Shoes For Kids, Orthopedic High Tops for Babies First Walkers. Imported From Europe, Medical Arch Supportive Orthopedic Footwear & Corrective Sandals for Pronated Ankles, Flat Feet, Tip Toe Walking, Pigeon Toes, In-toeing, Out-toeing & more, Corrective Boots, Sandals, Sneakers, Slippers

Corrective Footwear

Kinga Shoes sells High Quality Corrective European Special Sandals for Kids and Babies. Wearing Corrective footwear improves your child's Comfort, balance & posture. Orthopedic Shoes come in all sizes, widths and for all orthopedic foot problems corrections

Orthopedic Walkers

Kinga European Orthopedic Special High Tops sneakers for Kids are fashionably designed, high quality & long wearing. Our Orthopedic high tops baby first walkers offer support for medical conditions, and they are best pediatric orthopedic shoes for the correct growth of children's feet and stop pigeon toes and flat feet.

We Specialize in Orthopedic Shoes

We are an online store where you can buy European special healthy footwear for baby infants first walkers and children of all ages. We in Europe call them orthopedic, European shoes and every baby girl or boy wears them to properly shape and form their feet and posture. Good quality kids shoes are preventive and restorative for pronated ankles, tip-toe walking, pigeon toes, in-toeing, pronation, supination, out-toeing, hyperpronation, flat feet and back and posture problems. Kids feet can be formed correctly with best European arch footwear and that is a common practice in all European countries. When child wears such shoes you will notice a big improvement in comfort, their walking and they reposition their feet into correct alignment. European orthopedic footwear eliminate all orthopedic problems. The more child wears them the better for their pigeon toe and flat deformed feet. In Europe parents consider those European good quality shoes as developmental need and supported by pediatric orthopedic doctors. Every child wears them in Europe from 9 months old as baby infants first walkers to teen years. That is how children end up with well formed feet and posture. Those walkers as constructed and they feature European orthopedic arch, ankle support, none sweat soles (feet never sweat in those shoes ever), flexible soles and proper foot ankle and arch support. Those baby first walkers shoes correct pigeon toe, flat feet, ankle pronation, left ankle turn, right ankle turn, turned out ankles, pigeon toe walking. Once child starts wearing those shoes their feet begun to line up and orthopedic problems improve and with time disappear. We call them in Europe healthy orthopedic shoes for infant, baby, toddler child wears them. All the shoes in Europe are certified by orthopedic podiatrists, pediatricians, physiotherapists, orthopedists and regulated by European Orthopedic Ministry of Health. All kids shoe producers are required to make supportive shoes according to orthopedic standards set in Europe. Invest in good shoes for a child from the start when they are small and continue with good baby infants first walkers shoes only. They are worth the investment as whole body posture, gait and feet are affected by shoes child, baby and toddler wears. Shoes in Europe are equally expensive but parents consider that money well spent.

We offer special baby infants first walking high tops for boys and girls all imported from Europe. The shoes are called Special Baby Deer infant high top walker shoes in USA but in Europe we call them orthopedic shoes. Every infant baby starts with those shoes in Europe and wear them through their childhood. The shoes are offered for wide, chubby, or narrow feet and they suit each child perfectly. Sole determines the width of the shoe and European shoes offer many widths of therapy shoes, boots, sandals, sneakers and orthopedic canvas and wool slippers. Those shoes are ankle high to support counter heel to prevent pronation in children, good orthopedic arches added to the soles of every model. Sturdy heel support, soft orthopedic soles good for walking and running. Anti bacterial soles present so no smelly wet feet ever since baby's feet sweat more then adults. We also offer an array of orthopedic ankle high arch sandals with special closed back and good ankle support for kids with orthopedic problems.

We import only best known orthopedic European brands from Europe such as Ricosta, Lelli Kelly, Geox, Perlina, Ciciban, Melania, Biomechanics, Frodo, Memo, Nowa Li, Ricosta, Ciciban, Salamander, Garvalin, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Zetpol, Primigi, Melania, Biomecanics, Naturino, Falcotto, Bopy, Renbut, Kornecki. Shoes for children imported by us from Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Serbia, Australia, New Zealand and are simply the best and always orthopedic as in Europe no cheap flat none supportive shoes are ever produced. The shoes are manufactured and designed with cooperation of European podiatrist as in Europe they are viewed as medical need for every child. We also have selection of comfort ladies and women and youth teen flats, sandals, sneakers and fashion designer boots from Europe since we have so many moms visit the store, they are also quality therapy durable shoes and manufactured in Europe. We do not import or sell footwear made in low cost countries like China since they are not supportive not orthopedic.We offer orthopedic shoes for boys and girls with proper ankle, foot support, good arches, orthopedic insoles and supportive ankles that are needed for growing and developing feet and good posture. Shoes are offered in narrow and wide width options. Quality shoes for girls and boys and ladies only come from Europe and they are truly special orthopedic ones. Shoes manufactured in China are not supportive, nor orthopedic and all they do is deform and destroy kids feet and posture. All orthopedic problems are preventable with good healthy supportive comfort shoes so start young with good shoes for boys and girls.