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Toddler, Baby and Teen Footwear Specialized High Quality Special European Shoes, High Tops for Babies First Walkers. Imported with Medical Arch Supportive Footwear & Corrective Sandals for Pronated Ankles, Flat Feet, Tip Toe Walking, Pigeon Toes, In-Toeing, Out-toeing & more, Corrective Boots, Sandals, Sneakers, Slippers

Corrective Footwear

Kinga Shoes sells High Quality Corrective Special Sandals for Kids and Babies. Wearing corrective footwear improves your child's Comfort, balance & posture. Best Shoes come in all sizes, widths and for all foot problems corrections

Orthopedic Walkers

Special High Tops sneakers for Kids are fashionably designed, high quality & long wearing. Our high tops infants first walkers offer support for medical conditions, and they are best pediatric shoes for the correct growth and stop pigeon toes and flat feet.

Buy Healthy High Tops for Babies and Children

We are an online store where you can buy special healthy footwear for baby infants first walkers and children of all ages. We call them orthopedic, footwear and every baby girl or boy wears them to properly shape and form their posture. European shoes are best for pronated ankles, tiptoe walking, in-toe, out-toe and flat feet. They act as restorative product for kids feet that in long run will correctly form and restore kids feet into healthy condition. Having well formed feet in adulthood is a key for straight back, shoulders, posture gait and no possibility of any pain in adulthood. That is a common practice in all European countries where kids wear best shoes from the day they start to walk up to teen years. Those shoes act as developmental, medical need for every child not just those with orthopedic problems.

When child wears quality footwear you will notice a big improvement in comfort, walking, foot support and foot problems disappear with constant use. Proper ankle sandals, sneakers, ankle boots and even winter boots will align and re-position your child's foot into correct alignment. They will improve position of kids feet and posture with time. Orthopedic footwear will eliminate all feet and walking problems. The more child wears them the better for their pigeon toe, ankle pronation, toe in and
flat deformed feet. European parents view quality shoes as developmental need that every child needs for correct foot development. This medical theory is totally supported and encouraged by European foot specialist and pediatric doctors. Every child wears them in Europe from 9 months old as baby infants first walkers to teen years and that is how children end up with well formed feet and best posture. Those walkers are well constructed out of best leather and they feature arch (molded into the soles), best heel counter with ankle support, antibacterial none sweat soles (no sweaty or smelly feet ever), flexible rubber soles with traction. In Europe they are considered medical, supportive and developmental shoes for every child, not just those with orthopedic walking problems. Those baby first walkers correct pigeon toe, flat, ankle pronation, left ankle turn, right ankle turn, turned out ankles, improve flat feet, pigeon toe walking. Once child starts wearing this footwear their feet begun to line up and problems improve and with time disappear. We call them in healthy footwear for infant, baby, toddler or grown child since they all wear them in any European country. All the high tops, sandals, sneakers, canvas, shoes, snow boots are certified by European podiatrist, pediatricians, physiotherapists, orthopedists and regulated by local Ministry of Health. All kids shoe manufacturers are regulated by Ministry of Health and are required to produce supportive footwear according to orthopedic standards that are imposed by European Union. It is important to invest in good shoes for any child from the day they learning to walk and when they are small and continue with good baby infants first walkers, best toddlers footwear and up to teen years. Feet stop growing at age of 15 so best shoes through child's life is truly best investment. Children's footwear in Europe is considered a medical and developmental need and every child wears such caliber of shoes to achieve healthy feet and best posture. They are worth the investment as whole body posture, gait are affected by shoes child, baby and toddler wears. Shoes in Europe are equally expensive but parents consider that money well spent.

We offer special baby infants first walking high tops for boys and girls and they are all genuine and imported. The shoes are called Special Baby
Deer infant high top walkers in USA but in Europe we call them orthopedic. Every infant baby starts with those walkers and wear them through their childhood. European footwear is offered for wide, chubby, or narrow feet and they suit each child perfectly. Sole determines the width of the footwear and it is offered in form of many widths of therapy boots, sandals, sneakers, canvas and wool slippers. Those high tops are ankle high to support counter heel to prevent pronation in children, good arches added to the soles of every model. Sturdy heel support, soft soles good for walking and running. Anti bacterial soles present so no smelly baby's feet sweat since kids feet perspire more then adults. We also offer an array of ankle high arch sandals with special closed back and Thomas Heel counter and good ankle support for kids with problems. Those sandals are ankle high, with padded collar, closed or open toes, with great arch support, flexible soles and totally supportive and orthopedic. They never cause smelly feet or blisters in any child since leather on them is top quality and contains no mercury or lead so they are never toxic to child's skin or cause any blisters. Our winter snow boots are the best, perfectly suitable to wear during winter months. They are made out of sheep leathers, lined with waterproof and snow proof (Gortex or Sympatex) material, feature good arch support that is added to the soles of every model and have soft soles with good traction. Heel counter is added to every snow boot so child's foot will be fully supported and they are preventive for ankle pronation. They are light in weight and they do not destroy and deform child's body gait.

We import only best known European footwear brands from various European countries such as Lelli Kelly, Geox, Perlina, Ciciban, Melania, Biomechanics, Frodo, Memo, Nowa Li, Ricosta, Ciciban, Salamander, Garvalin, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Zetpol, Primigi, Melania, Biomecanics, Naturino, Falcotto, Bopy, Renbut, Kornecki. Shoes for children imported by us from Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Serbia, Australia, New Zealand and are simply the best and always quality and no cheap flat none supportive walkers are ever produced. Footwear is manufactured and designed with cooperation of podiatrist and they are viewed as medical need for every child. We also have selection of comfort ladies and women and youth teen flats, sandals, sneakers and fashion designer boots since we have so many moms visit the store, they are also quality therapy durable shoes and manufactured locally. We do not import or sell footwear made in low cost countries like China since they are not supportive and destructive for kids feet and posture. We offer only quality boots for boys and girls with proper ankle
, foot support, good arches, insoles and supportive ankles that are needed for growing and developing feet and good posture. Shoes are offered in narrow, regular and wide width options. Shoes manufactured in China are not supportive and all they do is deform and destroy kids posture. If your child has been wearing low quality none supportive shoes like Crocks, Tsukihoshi, Keens, UGS, Strite Rite, Merells, New Balance, Nike, Converse or any other flimsy destructive sneakers or shoes then by 100% their feet got deformed in them. 90% of all problems are caused by none supportive, cheap shoes from China that do not support child's foot in any way. They destroy foot arches, body gait, deform and miss-shape feet, cause ankle pronation, tip toe walking, pigeon toe (metatarsus adductus). The damage is caused over time while child wears those destructive shoes. Sad part is that local medical community in USA handsomely profits on children with orthopedic problems by selling them orthodics, AFO, SMO, therapy and expensive medical appointment. Those treatments do absolutely nothing to improve or cure child with orthopedic problems. Foot becomes more distorted and deformed with use of those devices. Only supportive European footwear with proper orthopedic support will align kids feet into correct healthy position and they are a true therapy for kids feet. 

All feet problems are preventable and curable with good healthy supportive comfort walkers so spent money on good European shoes only that are truly quality, genuine and corrective for kids feet. Positive change can only be achieved with best shoes when child is small and growing and their feet are changing. Once an adult no surgery or treatment exists to fix adult feet. Orthopedic problems become permanent. Person with deformed feet will experience constant back pain in back and knees, bent posture, weak ankles, pronation, pigeon toes and plain ugly deformed feet. The only relive are adult orthodics that will relive some pain and discomfort. Therefore there is only a short window to correctly form human feet and that is only during time when they growing and their body and feet are forming.