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Ankle high navy toddler leather boots

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Manufacturer Remut

Product Code: Faba Navy

  • SKU: 55-7858563
  • Ankle high toddler leather boots
    European made out of lovely navy leather boots
    Durable boots, original one of a kind
    Made in Europe with style.
    Stylish fashion boots for child
    Arches present, heel support for ankle alignment
    Good ankle soles with traction
    Child will never sweat in those shoes
    They absorb sweat from feet due to anti-sweat soles.
    They close with side zip
    Has a navy bow for decoration
    Proper orthopedic best high boots for a child that will support and form their feet.
    Those are the only kind children wear in Europe and end up with well formed feet when adults.
    We never ever put cheap chinese made shoes on any toddler or older child.
    Shoes have to be made out of leather, have good orthopedic arch (always added to the sole of the style), none sweat soles and be manufactured in any European country.
    European countries are the only ones producing such caliber of shoes.
    It is a time consuming long process where soles are measured on children and orthopedic support is added.
    Best leather used with no mercury on it. (Europe bans mercury products so they are never in the leather, Leather from china always had mercury in it).
    None sweat soles always present and and support is always there.
    Only those kind of shoes will form your kids feet correctly.
    Cheap shoes destroy and deform and destroy your children feet.

    Durable leather boots for kids

    European made high top navy boots


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