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Ankle high tops girls sandals with best orthopedic arch support

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Brands Remut

Product Code: Kolina White

  • SKU: 33-5858
  • Ankle high tops sandals with best orthopedic arch support.
    Tall covering the ankles
    Well processed leather and padded color for comfort.
    Pink/white leather.
    Decorated with polka dots.
    Close on the back, great sandal for deformed feet.
    High arches best sandals
    Good soles for running with grip.
    Proper ankle supportive high tops
    Corrective for weak ankles and pronation in kids.
    Every child in Europe wears such sandals for proper foot development.
    They also prevent ankle pronation problems and flat feet.

    Closed heel best walking sandals for toddler

    Good orthopedic ankle support sandals for kids


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    Miriam D 2014-08-12 18:39:11

    This review is after 5 months of non stop wear of that sandal. It is a truly great product. I wish there was an option of attaching a picture here so one can see they are still in tact and perfect for longer wear. True orthopedic support and quality top notch. I just placed another order for another pair of Renbut but we bought shoes this time. Thanks,

    Natalia 2014-05-07 14:45:29

    Best sandals with a support for child! High in a back for support, flexible and arch inside is huge! Thank you, thank you! That is what I wanted in a bigger size for my kid and I could not find such shoes for months. My daughter is pronating and high supportive shoes is a must for her. I will be buying shoes from you only since they are truly orthopedic ones.