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Ankle support best boots for snow

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Manufacturer Maciejka

Product Code: Clearance

  • SKU: 66-45789
  • Tall brown fashion winter boots for women or teens
    Great looking smooth leather brown leather boots decorative with cool buckles.
    Soft sole leather boots for girls with good support inside
    Ankle support is there present to keep ankles stable and reinforced.
    Feet will not pronate in them since ankle support is added there.
    Warm fleece inside for cold winter weather, totally waterproof style.
    You can wear them in snow, winter, splashy weather and just in plain rain.
    Lined with warm fleece and gortex and they are waterproof.
    Extra light in weight and they are not heavy nor clunky.
    Good arches heel support with none sweat soles.

    Flat foot support best winter boots for teens

    Leather boots for girls with good support inside


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