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Brand: Falcotto

Product Code: Bazi Rose

Ankle supportive pink baby walking sandals

Ankle supportive baby walking sandals
Flat foot support toddler sandals
Fuchsia/white leather decorated with flower walking sandals.
High tops for kids type of shoes that every baby should wear.
Ankles are supported at all times in those walking sandals.
Ortho arches present and will not sweat in them either.
Sandals child wears shapes their feet so quality is needed at all times.
Will never produce any blisters or smelly feet sandals.
Special innersoles inside for anti sweat feet.
Those are proper baby ankle walking sandals for a child.
Absolute best quality that you can buy.
Children need such caliber of a shoe so their ankles and feet will form correctly.
They need ankle and arch support.
Avoid garbage sandals from China, they will deform your kids feet if they did not already did.
Majority of orthopedic problems are caused by low quality shoes worn as kids.
Every pediatrician and foot doctor in Europe will tell you that.
Not in USA since system is set up to sell you orthodics that will do nothing to your kids feet and doctors appointments.
Good walking sandals on a child is a key here.
European been wearing those walking sandals for generations and we all have well formed feet and posture.

All orthopedic problems in kids are caused by cheap shoes with no support
All the shoes from China are not supportive and not orthopedic
Over time child will develop flat feet, pronation and pigeon toes
That is a result of cheap shoes.
We Europeans never put low grade shoes on our children
Shoes are viewed as health product in Europe not a fashion.
They are expensive in Europe as well but not as expensive as orthodics and doctors visits.
Also once child ends up with deformed feet no orthodics will help, just create some improvement.
Orthopedic shoes are the only answer to foot correction and support.

Flat foot support toddler sandals

Start up walking shoes for baby girls


R.J - Newark, NJ - 11/03/2021

Soft and well made little sandals. Great arch support inside and proper back support for small baby. Truly orthopedic shoes and top quality. No shoes of such caliber sold in any USA stores since everything is produced cheaply in China. Shoes for a children are important since they develop their feet but that it is like "tabu" here and no parent seems to know that. I am Greek and every child wears only quality shoes in my old country and no one has any feet issues. The shoes cost there as well but for a reason - they are well made and have proper support that small feet definitely need it. Thank God I found this store on-line since I was about to e-mail my cousin to sent me some from Greece. I would pay even more then those sandals here since considering the Euro exchange to USA dollar plus shipping from Greece. Anyway, I love those sandals and I continue to make purchases for my baby. Thank you

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