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Boys ortho house shoes with ankles turned in

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Brands Bopi

Product Code: Amask Blue

  • SKU: 99-124569
  • Boiled wool slippers for boys with ortho support.
    Ankles turned
    in best house shoes.
    Corrective best for weak ankles in kids
    Leather arches present for kids
    Made in France our of quality materials.
    Made out of blue velvet and boiled 100% natural wool.
    Your child's feet will never sweat in them.
    Decorated with a fox/superman.
    Best fit around the ankles with zippers.
    Soft running soles for kids tested for width and support in Europe.

    Popular brand from Europe for kids

    Soles run small so order size up.
    Kids feet need supportive shoes only so avoid local house shoes since they deform kids feet
    If no arch no support then feet will collapse and deform over time.

    Warm slippers for any baby boy or girl

    Orthopedic baby slippers for a child


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    Neli 2016-05-09 17:15:32

    That is one durable slipper with great support. Owned them for 7 months and hold up so well...just bought one 2 sizes bigger for next winter. Like the shoes that I got too...