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Anti sweat sandals for kids.
Breathable leather anti sweat shoes for child
They have special innersoles inside that absorb sweat and bacteria from little feet.
They offer great ankle support since it is needed for small growing feet.
Leather on them is top quality, well processed and anti sweat.
They are anti pronation, anti pigeon toe and anti flat feet since they are orthopedic little sandals.
If ankles turn inward they are total anti pigeon toes
Quality leather used only on those shoes.
Comfort and proper heel alignment.
Sandals for kids with weak ankles and flat feet since they are orthopedic best.
That rubber sole holds orthopedic support and anti sweat properties so kids feet stay cool in them all the time.
They can wear them with no socks over time as they absorb sweat from kids feet.
Made out of the white,silver and hint of pink leather with best support.
Best new walking ortho sandals for a child.
This style is limited edition and features a pony, lovely style with face, eyes and hair.

Ankles turn inward correction shoes from Europe

Soft high top sandals for toddlers


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