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Rose metallic leather girls anti toe walking shoes

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Brands Naturino

Product Code: Estonia Rose

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  • Anti toe walking shoes for girls
    Sturdy supportive sneakers for girls with ankle support and good orthopedic arches.
    Those shoes feature good ankle support where heel stays in a heel packet when child is walking
    Foot is supported at all times and in correct position
    Those shoes have proper ankle and arch support for a child and over time they will align and adjust little foot into position.
    Kids feet are like jello you can form them any way you like it.
    In Europe every child wears such shoes since they are simply the best for kids feet and they align them correctly.
    The soles are measured and adjusted for average child's foot.
    Leather is processed well with no use if harsh chemicals.
    Cute designer shoes from Serbia for girls.
    Overpronation best corrective kids shoes.
    Closes with zipper and laces optional.
    Made out of rose metallic smooth metallic leather decorated with side pillow like trim.
    Great arch, heel support and good soles for walking.
    Lovely style rose metallic with white soles combo.
    Designer best quality as expected.

    Cute designer shoes from Serbia for girls

    Cool sneakers for girls with support


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