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Arch ankle shoes for boys

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Brands Remut

Product Code: Hustler Gray

  • SKU: 66-658569
  • Arch shoes for kids
    Best ortho arch boots for a young walker.
    Those arch boots have it all profiled soles, ankle alignment, soft soles.
    Special arch boots for flat feet for ankle support
    Flat feet best leather high top boots for a toddler boy.
    Darker gray and turquoise leather.
    Leather soles preventive for smelly feet in toddler
    Medical arch boots with proper support to straight kids feet.
    Ok to wear in a rainy weather
    Good traction soles for a child
    Total quality orthopedic ankle arch boots for a child with feet problems.
    Best start up good arch walkers that you can buy for a child with wide feet and high instep.

    Ankle support boots for kids

    Special boots for flat feet for ankle support


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    Svetlana from LA 2017-12-11 01:20:19

    Those boots have clear arch support, flexibility, superior leather and proper ankle support. Truly orthopedic shoe. Being European myself I knew that shoes have to be quality for a child. We just don't place soft, non supportive shoes made out of cheap leather on our children. As a result every kid has properly shaped feet and no walking problems. It is amazing that shoes sold in local stores here in LA are such crap. My God people have you seen a quality shoe before. Your child will wear them entire 6 months and have good feet as a result of it. It is totally worth it. It amazes me that developed city as Los Angeles has no quality shoe store for kids. I looked in local boutiques and none of them offered any decent shoe for a child with good support. You guys should be in LA where people do have money to spent but have no clue about quality and importance of good shoes for a child. Thank you for the shoes they are wonderful and I will shop every season for good shoes for my son.

    Reni - Newark, NJ 2016-12-26 15:58:35

    My last shoes were sandals for my son and he wore them literally to death. Non stop same pair everyday - they were his favorite shoes. He really like that brand out of all the shoes he has. (I only buy European shoes since they have proper support and they develop kids feet in the correct way but many mothers in USA have no clue about that and keep buying cheap Chinese made shoes). I just got those and again I see my son likes to wear only those shoes. This is superior brand for a child, leather, orthopedic arch, support and quality all in one. Beautiful design and colors on that specific model as well.