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Arch support girls orthopedic house slippers

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Brands Kopecki

Product Code: Lalina Red

  • SKU: 55-78586
  • Arch support kids house shoes
    Quality slippers for girls with narrow feet
    Orthopedic slippers/canvas shoes for any girl.
    Red canvas material featuring flowers.
    Good arches and heel support preventive for ankle pronation.
    Every child wears them in Europe at home, daycare or school.
    They are next best thing to leather shoes but much lighter and more comfortable.
    Feet are supported in them and rest since they are very light in weight.
    Designed and approved by orthopedic doctors in Europe.

    Order one size bigger as they run small

    Quality slippers for girls with narrow feet

    Arch support kids house shoes


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    Lindsey Morgan 2014-02-03 18:30:55

    Great slippers - wonderful arch support and very durable...we had them for 7 months now and boy they hold up so well! I just got another pair since my daughter likes to wear them non stop. This is a wonderful store with true quality shoes, keep it up good work!