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Baby deer high top boots for learning to walk with zipper

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Brands Remut

Product Code: Dustin Green

  • SKU: 77-24578
  • Baby deer high top boots for learning to walk
    Ankle supportive, orthopedic best quality baby deer boots.
    Best ankle support, orthopedic arch, heel support best soft soles with traction, orthopedic arches inside and best leather used.
    Made out of quality green and blue leather in Europe.
    This is a definition of a good baby deer orthopedic shoe.
    They are not made in China but Europe - quality shoes only come from Europe.
    Craftsmanship, quality of leather uses (leather from China always has Mercury on it) and proper fit on average child's foot.
    They tie with laces and zip that is located on the side.
    Easy opening with zippers so no need for laces.
    Every baby in Europe learning to walk with quality baby deer boots as those and wears them entire 6 months.
    Baby Deer learning to walk will last entire season for a new walker.
    They are the best baby deer for learning to walk, stand and take first steps.
    Totally waterproof baby deer and perfect for any cold temperature and rain.
    Buying good shoes for a toddler learning to walk is a must.
    Think of good shoes as an investment in toddlers feet posture and good walking balance.
    Start your baby with good shoes and continue till they are teens.
    Feet form and develop when child is growing and affect entire feet and posture their entire life

    Ankle supportive, orthopedic best quality shoes.

    Learning to walk baby deer boots


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