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Baby Deer white leather high tops

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Brands Falcotto

Product Code: Jozia White

  • SKU: 12-1452
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    Parents who choose Falcotto know they are purchasing the best for their children because:

    - They are fashion footwear, to wear with style!  They  are fun, comfortable, and from assist in establishing the proper gait from the moment they are ready for their first pair of shoes.
    - Sole and upper constructed using rigorously tested materials which protect the foot and, at the same time, accompany each movement naturally, facilitating child development.
    - The sole is soft, flexible and non-slip to allow the child’s foot to maintain contact with the ground beneath and, at the same time,protect it from rough surfaces.

    A healthy foot helps the entire body to grow better

    Soft new walking shoes baby deerThe  foot  is  a  complex  and  harmonious  an  anatomical  structure,  formed  by  bone,ligaments, muscles and joints, which develops over time to support the entire body. Its numerous nerve endings determine the skin’s sensitivity to contact and heat, as well as the important functions required for the coordinated movement of joints. Over the  first few months, the  feet are sensory  organs  with which the newborn gathers tactile  information;  for  this  reason,  it  is best to leave them barefoot  as  much as possible. Seventy percent of the information the brain receives regarding “how” to walk, run and jump is sent from the soles of the feet; as a result, the more children are able to feel the ground beneath them, the more they will be able to comprehend their surrounding environment and therefore they will more effectively develop their ability to walk.

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