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Baby flat feet closed ankle sandals

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Manufacturer Falcotto

Product Code: Punta Lavender

  • SKU: 124578
  • Looking for lovely perfect sandals for your baby?
    That will be it - literally.
    They are lavender in color with cute little flowers on the front.
    Perfect ankle support in those and soles are flexible.
    Children walk in them fantastic.
    They opening easily via double velcro.
    Perfect support, orthopedic arches and fit on them.
    Wider feet to regural since they regulate nicely.
    New walkers heel support for toddler

    Best for learning to stand, take first steps and walk
    Ankle heel supportive for stability
    Babies need high top shoes as their ankles are soft
    Support gives them assurance for walking
    Feet will not smell in those sandals ever because of breathable innersoles.
    Soft rubber soles that child can walk comfortably.
    Made in Serbia and they are top quality.

    Closed back lavender baby sandals for walking

    Ankle support sandals for toddlers


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