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Baby girls chubby feet shoes with good arch
Orthopedic leather shoes for any baby girl.
White leather with violet accent.
Decorated with cute flowers.
Perfect for kids with double wide feet and high instep.
Best shoes for spring or summer since child will not sweat in them.
Good soles for child.
Barefoot recommended for child.

White leather high tops for a child.
Best to learn how to walk.

Orthopedic leather shoes for any baby girl.

Good arch walking shoes for kids


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Marty from LA 2014-08-06 21:30:52

The most durable little shoe for a active child. I taught they will get destroyed and scuffed quickly but after 5 months on non stop wear they look great. I wish there was an option to attach a picture here for proof. Those are truly quality shoes with great support inside. You can never find such quality in none of the stores locally, they are all with no arch support - totally flat. My child liked them so much so I bought size bigger just now so she can continue to wear them. I also noticed that she does not pigeon toes anymore and it came since I have been buying her supportive shoes. No more crocks, keens, cheap sneakers - only leather supportive shoes. It took a while to see a difference but now her feet are transforming with those shoes. Yes, they expensive but for a reason. Europeans are not stupid to pay such money for shoes since the benefit is well formed feet.

Svetlana, Miami 2014-03-05 22:04:19

Work of art - that is how I could describe that shoe! On top of that it has arch support, beautiful leather inside and out and fit is excellent for my baby. She looks in them like a princess. I would never find such quality in any local store. The shoes Nordstroom sells these days (and no European ones) are cry for help. Junk! Anyway, people in USA do not understand that shoes form kids feet and quality supportive shoes are must...that is why we see kids with deformed feet and all pigeon toed. Shoes people shoes! Anyway, I love that style and recommend them to other moms who what quality shoes for their baby - like I do. I will be back for sure since this store truly sells European and quality products.