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Baby orthopedic high support walking sandals girls.
Flat foot ankle pronation best kids sandals.
They are ankle high with reinforced heel to support baby's ankles
Orthopedic shoe cannot be soft at the heel - it have to be sturdy and support toddlers feet.
There is a peace of leather inside that is reinforced and heels the heel in a packet at all times.
Best heel support, orthopedic arch for weak ankles.
Best support for small feet that are forming and growing.
Made out of white smooth leather with hint of rose color.
They slide easily on child's foot and close with side buckle.
Excellent heel and orthopedic arch that is added to the sole of the model.
Sole features orthopedic support and leather on the interior of the shoe for comfort.
They are leather inside and out and absolute best for a new walking toddler.
Made in France out of best leather for young walker.
NO sweat soles will keep feet cool and protected
White matches any outfit baby would have so they are perfect little sandals for a toddler.

Orthopedic arch sandals for weak ankles

Flat foot ankle pronation best kids sandals


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