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Brand: Falcotto

Product Code: Abos Blue

Boys ankle high sneakers

Boots for kids with flexible soles

Excellent orthopedic arch with antibacterial innersole


Jenn - Ohio, US - 21/12/2012

Great quality boots...already tested them in a snow and my son's feet were dry as they should be. Also, they are very light and flexible so he can actually walk in those boots as to oppose to heavy chinese made rubber boots I see in a local stores in Ohio. Funny thing is the "heavy, chinese made rubber boot weight more then the kids itself"- well, so how he supposed to walk in those horrible boots? Therefore, I always bought him quality shoes since they are far better and they shape his feet right.

Mariia - Columbia, MD - 18/12/2012

Very comfortable, soft and warm !!! I ordered two pairs of this boots - one for my nephew and other one for my son and we are really love this boots . They are Fully lined with Sheep wool inside ! I'm totally satisfied with this purchase .Thank you !

Melanie - Releigh, NC - 19/11/2012

10000000 stars or better! I have been buying shoes from you for over 3 years and my God those shoes are wonderful!!!! My son began toeing in and it was getting worst and worst. I saw orthopedic doctor (he was European origin) and explained to me that for a child quality shoes with arch support are a must. They shape, mold and develop little feet. He also explained to me that quality shoes cost money but those are money well spent. In USA no parent pays any attention to kids shoes - just plainly look and they would match the outfit. The cheaper the shoes are the better...well, I learned the hard way that this is wrong way of thinking. My child did not had quality shoes once learning to walk and he wore pretty much cheap shoes until his feet begun to turn in. I saw an improvement after a year of buying quality shoes from your site. His feet are not quit straight yet but they turning in much less, much less. Thanks very much for offering such great shoes....

Linda - Colorado, CO - 23/08/2012

Amazing quality - natural sheep wool inside and thick that I could not believe it! You normally see Naturino or Primigi boots lined with Gortex that are lined on the sides and child's feet are still cold. Those have like 3 inch sheep wool inside entirely lined so they will be perfect to wear for snow. They are also very soft. Amazing quality - love them! Thanks,

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