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Baby pink sneakers made in USA

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Brands Kopecki

Product Code: Camera Pink

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  • Baby shoes made in USA
    Sorry, no orthopedic baby shoes as those are made in USA.
    Entire production of quality baby shoes was moved to low cost countries.
    US used to produced sneakers in USA back in 1950,1960,1970
    Then in 1980 most of companies begun to outsource production and move the factories overseas.
    Kids and adult sneakers included.
    That is so not good since quality of sneakers produced completely diminished.
    Now, USA had majority of sneakers sold made in China.
    No quality, no support, no orthopedic arches present.
    That is not good for kids feet.
    Child needs supportive, leather best baby shoes for walking.
    If they wear cheap sneakers their feet will deform and collapse.
    Try those sneakers made in Europe, they are among the best ones
    They have all orthopedic features that baby shoes for a child should have.
    Ankle support, high tops, arches and all.
    They are truly ortho baby shoes for a toddler.

    Baby shoes manufactured in USA

    Ankle support best toddler sneakers


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