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Product Code: Moreen Purple

Baby girls walker canvas ortho slippers

Baby walker shoes with good arches
Canvas purple color baby arches house shoes decorated with hearts
Orthopedia canvas shoes from Europe with good arches.
Corrective for feet posture, ankle alignment and foot forming with arches.
Those high arches house shoes that ever child wears in Europe from baby till like 5 years old.
They are not flat inside - no, no - arches are added to the soles plus leather arches are added for comfort of the child.
Even house shoes for a baby have to be orthopedic with arches
Their feet, posture, body, gait is formed at all times so good shoes on child 24/7.
Pediatrician suggested in Europe market with Healthy Foot Mark.

Since all the baby arches shoes and slippers have arches in them, no such thing as flat shoes in Europe.
Every pediatric doctor in Europe will tell you that.
Europe does not have business of orthodics like USA.
We spent money on good shoes for a child and avoid doctors visits and othodics.
Parents fail to understand that once child destroy their feet orthodics will only create an improvement but never restore feet to healthy condition.
Child will always have feet and posture problems, pain in the knees.
All orthopedic problems are caused by cheap shoes with zero support.
Orthopedic arches means has all the features to support child's foot and form it correctly
Those good baby arches shoes with arches are not only for kids with feet problems.
They made for kids not to have any feet problems in a first place.
Generations of kids from Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal grew up on those shoes and feet and posture are perfect.
It is completely not true that shoes for child does not matter.
It is a total not correct information that is spread by USA foot doctors and pediatricians.
Shoes form and support kids feet from day they are started to walk till about age 15.
All the arches shoes sold on USA market are made in China and they are not supportive.
No arches, no good heel support,
Why do you think kids have so many feet problems here?
Reason is because the shoes sold here are cheap and cheaply made.
Pediatrician suggested in Europe market with Healthy Foot Mark.

Orthopedic best slippers for a toddler girl

Good arch ankle support for a toddler


Susan N. - 23/05/2017

Great support in those! Absolutely love them!

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