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Bad knees best kids boots by Garvalin.
They support knees, ankles, heel whole body alignment
Whole foot is supported in those ankle boots knees included since they support ankle pronation and feet.
While child wears those bad knees correction boots whole foot will be supported.
Dressy sharp top quality leather bad knees boot made in Spain by Garvalin.
Best for wide feet and high instep and deformed low knees.
Knees, feet posture whole body is supported by boots child wears, so they better be best quality.
Feet support whole body including and knees so child have to have well formed feet to not experience pain.
Over time of wearing such quality boots knees begin to line up and feet in general.
They are orthopedic ankle boots so they are designed to restructure kids feet and posture.
Navy smooth leather with hint of yellow leather for bad knees.
Great arches, none sweat soles in those knees boots.
Totally waterproof knees boots for a child with flat feet, bad knees, pronation or pigeon toes. 
Elegant for Fall or Winter - simply the best quality bad knees boots for a boy.
Condition is called knocked knees medically but mom call it bad knees.
Avoid bad, low quality boots and boots in general, they deform their feet, posture and knees.
They deform kids feet, knees, posture since over time pigeon toes, flat feet will develop.
All orthopedic problems are caused by low quality boots worn as a child.
Cheap boots for kids made their feet bad and their knees deformed and pronated.
That is why we Europeans are like "nuts" about quality boots for our children since we understand the effect boots have on kids feet and posture.
Knees, feet, body gait, back are all affected by what type of boots child wears.
Only European boots - those in fact made in Europe are orthopedic ones and will form and support feet and knees.
Avoid copies of European boots - if they are not made in Europe they are not orthopedic - and that is a fact.
 Available to ship to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, USA and all over the world.

Top quality leather boot for knees pain made in Spain

Excellent orthopedic bad knee kids boots


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Kristin J - Des Plaines 2013-04-02 20:50:03

They fit well with some room to spear. Great support in those plus they are all leather with flexible sole. I am so mad that this store is no longer in the Glen. It was so close to drive for me. Now they are all in Wilmette and it is a pain to get there by the lake. Please came back to the North suburbs as the quality store with kids shoes is needed around here. It is best if you can try them on kids feet and actually see how they are walk in them, no option to do that online.

PD - Palo Alto, Ca 2012-09-18 23:50:46

Dressy boots, superb leather - match just about anything. Great support in them as well.