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Brand: Kopecki

Product Code: Soltys Gray

Bare feet kids shoes with good arch support

Bare feet kids shoes with support
Best ortho shoes for a boy with arches, ankle support and acti-fresh soles.
They will support and restore kids foot if collapsing, pronated or pigeon toed.
They are fully orthopedic shoes that are manufactured in Europe.
Children feet form due to the shoes they wear so quality shoes are a must for every child.
If cheap none orthopedic shoes are worn that are made in China then your child will end up with orthopedic support for sure.
China has no clue what orthopedic supportive shoe even is so why put on shoes that would harm the child in the long run.
Do you know that every shoe sold in USA for a child is not supportive in any way.
Any brand you mention - they are total foot deforming shoes for kids.
Any sneakers, crocks, merels, sorels, tukikoshi, nike, new balance, even store rite brand since it is made in China now.
Those shoes do not offer arch support, ankle support, heel support soles are not measured on average foot, width is not adjusted to each size.
Leather used on them is the lowest quality that can be produced and kids feet smell horribly in them.
Why, they have synthetic lining inside and no anti-sweat soles.
On the other hand shoes produced in Europe are top quality only and always orthopedic ones.
European Union does not allow to produce low quality shoes for kids or import them from cheap cost countries.
The reason is shoes are viewed as body developmental need for a child so they have to be simply the best and benefit the child.
You can avoid all orthopedic problems with quality shoes.
It works for us Europeans so it would work well for your child.

Pronation arch support shoes

Good arch sneakers for boys


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