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Best baby girls shoes for early walkers
Foot form best shoes that you can buy for a child.
Ortho high tops for your child with arch support and proper ankle support.
Quality boots that every toddler wears in Europe.
Those shoes will correctly form your toddlers feet.
NO cheap shoes is ever produced in Europe as footwear for kids have to be top quality.
Footwear is regulated by European Ministry of Health so best shoes are only produced and sold.
Every manufacturer have to follow orthopedic guidelines set by European Union.
We never import or sell shoes made in China or other low cost countries.
Those pink leather shoes are made out of lamb leather.
High top
soft shoes with good arches.
They are pink metallic in color with fuschia flower accent.
Velcro close.
Child will never sweat in those high tops either.
They absorb sweat from kids feet.
Kids feet sweat more  then adults so antisweat soles a must.
Try them no caliber of a shoe is even sold or imported to USA.
Shoes for kids are very important as they form and support their feet.
Cheap shoes deform and destroy kids feet over time.

Leather inside and out best shoes kids

Totally waterproof shoes to wear in any weather


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Sandi 2016-03-08 20:10:51

Ordered them to big and had to exchange it....but they are soft, well made shoes with profiled innersoles. Orthopedic with visible bump inside. My baby just loves them and walks great in them. She begun to turn one leg in and I was concerned. Had no clue that baby needed high supportive info on that site and researched on many others in UK sites. In USA all the sites say shoes does not matter....well, I can tell they are matter since my kid is walking better and pronates much less...