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Brand: Falcotto

Product Code: Lomer Burgundy Smooth

Best boys burgundy boots for wide feet and high instep

Best boys or girls shoes for wide feet and high instep
Burgundy leather high velcro closure.
Flat feet best boots elegant and well made.
Arches present like in any Euro boot.
Good to wear in rainy weather or any season pretty much.
Fall, Spring and even Winter style for a child.
Dressier boot, classic style for kids with feet problems.
Remember shoes form kids feet thus it is important for shoes to be good quality.
Child can avoid many foot problems simply by wearing good shoes from the day starts walking.
Shoes manufactured in Europe are always orthopedic with actual ankle and foot support since no cheap shoes allowed for sale in any European country.
They form kids feet, posture and overall body gait.
Child only needs 2 pairs of good shoes per season to wear for rotation.
Do not rotate them with local shoes from China since they are not orthopedic nor supportive and in the long run they will destroy and deform kids feet.

Soft leather quality toddler boots with good arches

Flat feet best boots for girl with weak ankles


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