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Best casual toddler shoes for flat feet
Daily shoe could be worn anywhere
Olive sporty baby boy boots with good support.
Great high top leather ankle boots for a child.
Olive/green leather.
Good arches, ankle supportive and anti sweat soles.
Proper shoes for a toddler with actual support inside.
Made in Europe - not China - huge difference.
Europe makes orthopedic supportive shoes that form and shape kids feet.
No cheap shoes with zero support are ever allowed for sale in any European country.
Shoes have to be produced locally with proper orthopedic support with guidelines set by Ministry of Health.
Kids feet are affected by shoes they wear from baby to teen age.
Shoes affect posture, feet, body and whole gait and how child walks.
Imagine if feet are destroyed how would body balance well when walking?
One side left or right will be affected and child will be either pronated or pigeon toed.
Do not buy cheap shoes made in low cost countries they are made out of low quality materials and do not feature any orthopedic support.
Children by wearing them end up with deformed and pronated feet

Walking high tops for kids

Best casual toddler shoes for flat feet


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