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Brand: Naturino

Product Code: Czesna Black

Best black leather girls ankle boots

Best girls ankle boots for Fall or Winter
Lightweight and extra soft boots decorative with cool print.
They close with zipper and laces optional.
Perfect cross between a sneaker or ankle boot.
They are black with silver print on them.
Feet will never sweat in those boots as leather with special soles is a natural material. 
Orthopedic arch build into the sole of the boot.
Waterproof and perfect for any cold temperature.
Absolute best ankle boots that you can buy for a child.
Kids wear them in Europe and end up with perfect well formed feet.
Absolute best snow boots for a teen.
Try them you will be shocked how good they held up.
They test great in water snow and any kind of crazy cold.
In Europe winter is 7 months long so we wear only such boots
They test there great so in USA in crazy cold places boots as those are needed.

Lightweight soft boots for Winter season.

Designer boots for a teen


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