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Brand: Falcotto

Product Code: Pika Gold

Gold dressy sandals for a baby girl

Best shoes for tip toe walkers
Correction high tops for toddlers.
Heel supportive so ankles will not bend when child is walking
Soles are soft of course but ankles are supported in those shoes as they should be.
Over time child will stop tipe toe walking completely
Over time they will stabilize and re-align kids feet so child will stop tip toe walking.
Every child in Europe wears only ankle high supportive shoes with actual arches inside.
No cheap shoes are allowed for sale in Europe that are not orthopedic
Kids feet are formed and shaped by shoes they wear.
Footwear is controlled by European Ministry of Health.
Just do not rotate them with cheap local shoes (made in China) since you will never see any difference.
Reason for that is what quality shoe aligns the foot the cheap one will destroy and deform line up.
Two pairs of good shoes are needed for rotation for whole season.
Stick with good shoes as those and your child will end up with well formed feet and good posture.
It is all in the shoes - cheap shoes equals deformed feet, quality shoes well formed feet and posture.
European white leather sandals for a special baby.
Correction high tops for a small baby
Made out of white patent leather decorated with elegant pink flower.
Excellent heel and arches present.
Stable walking sandals for a small baby.
No sweaty feet in those best leather used and soles with filter
Soft white sole.
Perfect to everyday wear and fancy outfits.

Correction high tops for a small baby

Excellent heel and orthopedic arch support


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