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Sweaty feet in kids none sweat slippers

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Brands Remut

Product Code: Charlota Pink

  • SKU: 11-78
  • Best slippers for sweaty feet in kids
    Feet will never smell in those slippers due to special innersoles.
    Acti fresh innersoles inside.
    Flexible white breathable air ventilated soles.

    Sole has ortho support build into the model.
    Notice the back is higher then the whole slipper sole.
    Why, it holds the ankle in supportive position.
    Heel support best for kids, preventive for pronation and weak ankles.
    It is a house shoe but great to wear in a daycare.
    Type of a slipper that is very popular for kids in Europe.

    Pronation best house shoes for kids.

    European made slippers for a girl.


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    Nina C - Darien, IL 2013-12-28 21:23:34

    I had this brand last year and those slippers held up like iron. My daughter was even wearing them outside. They are light, well made with profiled soles. Made in Europe, not China - like every item that store sells. I love they are locally so I can drive there and get quality shoes and slippers every year.