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Best walking ankle sandals for flat feet boys

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Brands Remut

Product Code: Marzec Gray

  • SKU: 66-457858
  • Best walking sandals for flat feet boys
    High arches good ortho sandals

    Stylish boys gray sandals with proper support.
    Heel covered for stability to correct kids feet.
    Made out of gray/charcoal leather
    Good arches sandals
    High back support needed for children who do pronate.
    Supportive and perfect in every way for Summer.
    Even closed back but tested for comfort and padded back
    Feel will be cool and protected despite closed back
    No blisters or smelly feet in those sandals ever - ultimate comfort only with actual foot support that every child does need.

    Closed heel sandals with arches

    Ortopedic ankle support sandals kids


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    Olga M, LA 2016-05-11 20:46:06

    Closed back support with great arch - in a size 28/US 10! Finally found appropriate European shoe for my son. Impossible to find quality shoes in USA. I live in Los Angeles metro area and the shoes they sell locally are total crap. Why no arch support, no quality leather, they smell to top that off...In Russia we are rather poor people but honestly no one has deformed feet. Shoes cost money there as well, even one made in Russia plus we have many imports from European countries. Yes, they are expensive but is either that or custom made orthodics that would never ever repair deformed ankles completely. Even doctors locally in Los Angeles are clueless about orthopedic shoes for kids. When I heard that shoes for a child "does not matter" I wanted to laugh. How MD professional can make a statement like that? In Europe every podiatric or orthopedic doctor would be shocked with that statement. Total insanity....