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Blue jeans and leather flower decorated girls sandals

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Manufacturer Agatha Ruiz de la Prada

Product Code: Odine Jeans

  • SKU: 44-345
  • Blue jeans and leather flower decorated fashion sandals for a girls.
    Flat foot best support for girls sandals with high arches.
    They easily adjust on girls feet and adjust with velcros.
    Perfect for regural to narrow and even wide feet since they adjust perfectly in two places.
    Blue leather decorated with flower print.
    If child ankle pronates or pigeon toe walk choose a style that is ankle high supportive, tall with good arches.
    Those sandals are for girls who do not display any orthopedic problems and their feet are formed well.
    Those lovely
    sandals are for girls who wore quality as a baby.
    Their feet formed perfectly with them and they are ok to wear open heel sandal as this one.
    Still orthopedic with arches and antibacterial soles for girls.
    Soles absorb sweat from them so child never sweats in them.
    Lovely designer girls sandals manufactured in Spain for children.
    We offer those Spanish sandals for children as they of course quality with good support.
    It is crucial that baby wears good shoes from the start as their feet are forming with shoes they wear.
    Orthopedic shoes only from baby till teen and it is guarantee that child will end up with well formed feet and good posture.

    Designer quality sandals for girls

    Quality high arch sandals with arches


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