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Blue leather dressy sandals for boys with arches

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Brands Naturino

Product Code: Robinson Blue

  • SKU: 0010502430 01 1C53
  • Blue and navy mix leather boys dressy sandals
    Perfect for wide feet and high instep as they adjust perfectly.
    Manufactured in Serbia out of quality leather.
    Child will never experience discomfort or wet feet in them.
    Anti smell and anti sweat soles.
    Quality sandals for a child are a must since shoes shape and form kids feet
    Avoid cheap shoes from China that in no time will deform and destroy kids feet and posture.
    If your child is pigeon toed, pronated it is a clear cause of wearing cheap shoes with no support.
    China has no clue what orthopedic shoe even is and the shoes that they produce are low cost and the worst one for your child.

    Flat foot support summer shoes

    Wide foot boys sandals with support


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