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Boys shoes for with flat feet and fallen ankles
Featuring proper ankles support with reinforced heel.
Basically back of the shoe does not bend and keeps the heel supported in correct position.
Every shoe in Europe is with reinforced heel as children do need that to prevent ankle pronation.
Shoes made in China are soft in the back - notice that - no heel support.
That causes ankle pronation and foot turning in over time.
Kids also need good arches, and none sweat soles.
Shoes for kids with flat feet in black leather
Black/gray natural smooth leather.
Decorated with silver pins.
Boy will never sweat in those shoes due to special soles.
They absorb the smell and sweat from kids feet
Casual European shoes for a boy.
Foot forming best for a child.

Best shoes for kids with flat feet in black leather

High support leather shoes for boys


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