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Baby girls orange leather breathable shoes

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Brands Bopi

Product Code: Zolita Orange

  • SKU: 33-785689
  • Breathable leather shoes for baby girls
    Yes, the shoes will never smell when child wears them.
    Kids feet will be dry and never wet from sweat.
    Special soles are added for air dry since kids feet sweat more then adults.
    Those soles protect kids feet and assure they are dry at all times.
    You can wear those shoes in ultra hot temperatures and they will never sweat or get wet.
    Child's feet perspire then adults about double so European made shoes always have special innersoles in them.
    Hard soled baby high tops to learn how to walk
    Baby first steps walking support shoes
    Cute orange in color one of a kind baby walking shoes.
    Baby first walking support shoes.
    Simply beautiful style that will match any outfit.
    Red/coral/lavender smooth leather decorated with flowers.
    Lovely shoe that could be worn as a sandal in the Summer.

    Baby first walking support shoes

    Hard soled baby high tops to learn how to walk


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    Angela, NJ 2017-05-08 23:21:05

    Very nice and unique shoes for a child. Color is beautiful and they fit my child so well.....very pleased. Support is great and my daughter took her first steps in those shoes. They are not like any other local shoes we saw in department store. They have ankle support, arch support and they bent well when she is walking..they help her stand, walk and balance the body well. Now I see why they are pricey since Europeans know exactly what they producing and charging money for their products. Well worth the money will continue with good shoes for my baby.