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Casual brown good arch shoes for girls for Fall

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Product Code: Suma Brown

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  • Brown casual shoes for children
    Good leather shoes for a child for fall or winter.
    Brown decorative with small flower.
    Orthopedic support added to the soles of the shoe
    No flat shoes are ever produced in France.
    Shoes are regulated by orthopedic society and they set guidelines as of what kind of shoes are allowed for sale in Europe.
    They have to have support, arch, heel support and none sweat soles.
    If they do not meet the guidelines they are not sold in any store and company is either required to adjust or close.
    Shoes for kids are not just shoes, they form support kids feet and posture.
    All orthopedic problems are caused by low quality shoes for kids.
    Pigeon toes, flat feet, pronation all results of cheap shoes.
    That is why in Europe no child does wears them, just good shoes and we pay money for them.
    Yes, they are expensive but you buying a benefit of good feet here and avoid any problems as child grows.
    Matter of fact none of the Europeans gets the concept of cheap shoes.
    We never had any plastic, rubber or none supportive shoes even back in 1970 and 1980.
    Many countries were run by communists and factories were owned by government.
    Even then shoes they produced were ugly but supportive since they understood if feet are destroyed then it would cost more to improve them.
    We had public only healthcare then so cost was a factor.
    It was cheaper to make orthopedic, supportive plain shoes then treat all the kids for feet problems in Europe.
    Amazing thing is USA is such a developed country but shoes that kids wear are some of the worst on the planet.

    Quality orthopedic shoes for girls from Europe

    Brown leather quality shoes for girls with arches


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