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Brand: Bopi

Product Code: Clearance

Classic brown Fall shoes for girls from France

Brown leather casual school shoes for girls
Great school style, plain style proper for private school.
Ankle supportive best with stabilized heel
Profiled soles with anti sweat soles inside.
Arches are embedded into the rubber soles
There is no arch bumps in the shoes anymore in all European made shoes.
The arches are build into the sole of every shoe.
That way foot is always supported since rubber never goes flat.
This is the latest technology from Europe where orthopedic soles were invented back in 2005.
Anti sweat effect is present in those soles as well so no sweaty feet ever.
Top quality shoe for a child made in France.
Absolutely best shoes and ultra durable.
We been ordering them for over 20 years from France and we sell more of them then any other brand
Children always choose them as a school shoe since they very comfortable to wear.
Parents like them for durability since they wear fantastic.

Quality shoes for a child with weak ankles

Breathable leather shoes that will assure dry feet


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