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Soft boys loafers good support in brown leather

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Brands Garvalin

Product Code: Franek Brown

  • SKU: 12-14578
  • Brown Garvalin loafers for boys with good support
    Soft quality, dressy with profiled soles for a boy.
    Perfect for dress up, casual wear, special occasion or even school.
    Manufactured in Spain by Garvalin brand.
    Total quality Garvalin dress loafers for a child.
    Good orthopedic support, best casual Garvalin shoes for walking.
    Shoes for that caliber could be worn with no socks as well in the Summer.
    They perfectly match shorts, khakis, jeans.
    Soft brown leather style and perfect slip on Garvalin style.
    Perfect for older boy since they are plain with no decorations
    Will suit smaller child and older boy to wear with any outfit.
    Elegant and well made everyday Garvalin style for a child.
    Garvalin European best and manufacture in Europe.
    Sole is soft as well with small spikes on the bottom to add more charm.
    We ship them all over to any country Canada, Australia, New Zealand, USA,

    Walking toddler loafers for child

    Dress loafers in brown leather for a boy


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