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Brand: Naturino

Product Code: Gasi Brown

Brown school shoes for boys

Flat feet best orthopedic shoes
Natural leather made with ultra high arches and ankle support.
Those are quality leather brown casual shoes for a boy.
Proper ortho boots for a child like every child wears in Europe.
Flat feet orthopedic best since they support little feet to the fullest.
Orthopedic arches are added to the soles of the model as flat shoes are never produced in Europe.
There is no such thing as flat shoes from Europe.
Soles are molded to offer proper support - it all all in the soles rather then lining of the shoe.
It is a modern technology since 1990 in Europe where soles are modified not to be flat but hold good arch support.
Orthopedic standards in Europe are very high and shoes produced they have to be quality and orthopedic.
Shoes form kids feet and posture in children since their bodies are growing
You can only form kids feet with proper shoes when they are growing.
Once an adult nothing can be done about it.
Kids feet grown until age of 15.
If child wears low quality shoes then his feet will show some signs of deformity.
That is why it is ultra important for child to wear best shoes at all times.

Dressy boys shoes with good support

Flat foot support child leather shoes


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