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Black leather zip boots for toddlers
Decorated with dark red/burgundy spots all over the leather for one of a kind effect.
Orthopedic best high tops with good arches and heel support.
None sweat soles present inside
Absolute best walking shoes for a child.
Foot forming with ortho and ankle support.
Close with side zip.
They are black with rose/red metallic polka dots.
Great and cute boots for a toddler.
Those are best for regural to narrow feet toddler.
They walk very well in them since soles are soft and profiled.\
Those are orginal boots from France and they are made in France not copies.
It is wise to invest in good shoes for a child as they form and shape their feet and posture.
Shoes made in China destroy and deform kids feet since they are not orthopedic.
Over time you will notice orthopedic problems in our child.
It is shoe related.

Heel support best girls boots for walking

Dressy ankle boots for girls straight from Europe


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