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Canvas pink house shoes for kids
House shoes for kids with arches.
Walking on tippy toes corrective shoes.
Made out of pink breathable canvas material.
Easy clip close
Orthopedic arch present.
Bubbles promoting blood circulation.
Proper canvas for any child.

Walking on tippy toes corrective shoes

Orthopedic arch with breathable innersoles.


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Relia - San Francisco 2013-04-25 22:19:59

Those are great and quality. We love those little daughter wears them outside as a summer shoe now. No smelly, sweaty feet, and they fit great - that clip is phenomenal invention.

Monika P - IL, US 2013-03-09 00:48:42

I see those little walkers give her stability and support her ankles nicely. She is still afraid to walk but soon she will walk and those shoes are perfect for it. They are easy to place on and off and the baby is comfortable in them. In Europe, every child starts in those shoes and later moves to leather shoes. This is why we do not have pigeon toes, ankles collapsing and everyone walks straight and our postures are supported. It starts from quality shoes from the day one of walking. Somehow people in USA do not understand that and choose to be cheap and buy "junk" shoes for their kids. I see kids with collapsed ankles anywhere I go, my God! can't imagine by daughter to have feet like that. Kinga - I love your store, and quality shoes you offering. Too bad you are not in the Glen anymore - we do miss you! It is a bit drive for me from Arlinghton Heights to Wilmette but I do drive every 4 months with 2 of my children. We continue to support you. Monika P.

Didi C - San Francisco 2012-08-28 17:43:11

Perfect little house shoes for a child. Supportive, cute and easy to place it on and off. My This is our second pair and I am sure it won't be last. Thank you. Didi

Barbara C from MN 2012-04-15 22:40:28

Finally, orthopedic shoes for a child. I had a hard time finding such shoes in US. Those are great and well made little walkers. I got them as canvas shoes but my daughter wears them all day long - even in a house. Super shoes with great support.