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Canvas shoes for new walking baby boy
Pronation stop best slippers for a child.
Perfect cross between a sandal, slipper or canvas.
Perfect ortho walker for any baby boy.
Those little shoes were designed by ortho doctor a decade ago and they still very popular in Europe.
Every child wears a version of that walker in a daycare or a house.
It is a next best thing to a leather shoe that you normally do not wear in a house.
They support little foot to the fullest.
They look a bit strange but trust us they do the job of proper support of a foot, preventive against pronation, flat feet and ankles turning inwards.
They easy to put on and adjust with that site clip
Child will not take off that clip - it was designed to be safe for child to keep on their feet.
You can easily adjust stability around the ankle with that clip.
Genius innovation in footwear - try them - they truly the best for kids.
Children do love to wear them since all the comments we get from parents - only positives.

Pronation stop best slippers for a child

Good arch support walking house shoes


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L.N - Miami, FL 2013-09-10 17:57:21

Super slippers or sandals - my baby wore them non stop and they held up so well. He liked them a lot because every time we went outside - he pointed to those. Great leather arch inside and flexible sole. Nice traction on them as well. I just bought another one but more closed style for Fall and pair of leather shoes. It was my first order from that store but the shoes turned out to be very good and quality so I am OK with spending extra money on my baby's feet.

Dana - Texas, US 2013-01-21 22:06:46

My next door neighbor is a fan of that store and she buys shoes only from them for her kids. She raves about the quality and support those shoes have - well, so I decided to give a try. I got those walkers for my one year old. At first, I taught they were a bit difficult to put it on but after I figure out how to close them with that clip they turned out to be super shoes that stay on. My son cannot take them off. He walks in them, pulls himself up, goes outside and his feet are nicely supported and protected. I will definitely buy another pair of those again and maybe a pair of leather sandals for Summer. Thank you for great service.