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Casual mary janes in purple leather
Cute lavender shoe for any fashionable girl.
Arch support for kids that correct flat feet and improve gait.
Corrective shoes
for pigeon toed child.
Closed back
that is reinforced with proper ankle support.
Ankle is supported at all times when child is walking or wearing the shoes.
European shoes are never soft in the back, they always have ankle support.
Made in Spain
out lavender leather.
Decorated with big butterfly and flowers.
Cute well made shoes for girls.
Great for daily wear.
Quality shoes that every child does need for growing and forming feet.
No low grade shoes is ever produced in Europe.
They have to be quality and locally made
Rules are set by orthopedic society and ministry of health in Europe.
Shoes for children are viewed as a health product rather then fashion.

Shoes that correct flat feet and improve gait

Corrective shoes for pigeon toed child


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Andzie C from Texas 2012-08-01 19:05:39

Wonderful, designer style. I love them for Fall for my daughter. Thanks