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Casual blue leather shoes for girls

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Manufacturer Falcotto

Product Code: Ashi White

  • SKU: 0012015752 02 1Q17
  • Casual shoes for girls with good support
    Made out of white and gold smooth leather.
    Perfect slip on style for a child with arches.
    European made with orthopedic support present and none sweat soles.
    Made in Serbia by Falcotto.
    Top caliber shoes like all the shoes made in Europe.
    Foot forming ortho shoes
    Orthopedic means correctly forming feet once a child
    So later in life as an adult person has well shaped feet, posture, body gait and spine.
    See, feet affect entire posture.
    If child's feet are not formed correctly entire posture will be affected.
    Later in life person will walk around with pain in spine, back and knees,
    Why? Her/his feet are deformed.
    Thus why we Europeans do not buy shoes made in China they are total junk.
    Over time they will deform your child's feet.
    Invest in quality shoes for your child.

    High arch orthopedic toddler shoes for walking

    Hand made shoes for kids in Europe


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