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Boys shoes with high arch for casual daily wear

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Brands Remut

Product Code: Sorter Blue

  • SKU: 57-585689
  • Casual walking shoes for boys with arch support.
    Good arch, orthopedic support made with best leather.
    Made with blue, navy and white leather.
    Heel support for walking, orthopedic arches present
    None sweat soles so even if worn with no socks they will never smell.
    Proper ortho shoes for your boy.
    They feature ankle support so shoes will not bend in the back
    They keep the heel in proper alignment
    Soles bend well but not the heel and that is what is needed for proper posture development.
    Europe manufacturers only best orthopedic shoes for children
    Therefore avoid shoes from low cost countries with no support they make them with zero ortho support and cheap leather.
    That is why feet smell so badly and over time you notice your child ends with pronated or pigeon toe feet.
    Cause, cheap shoes from China and other low cost countries.

    Good arch sneakers for kids

    Ankle supportive best boys shoes


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    Lari C- Denver, Colorado 2017-09-19 02:33:22

    Those blue shoes are phenomenal quality. We wore them entire Spring here in Colorado and they are by far my sons fave shoes. Natural leather, good arch, soft, they do not smell and look truly good for amount of time he wore them. Like 6 months to say and they still good. I just bought a gray pair of exact shoes but size bigger. I like them better then Primigi or Naturino...I will switch to that brand from now on.

    Sheila C - New Heaven 2017-06-25 02:31:36

    Just got them and they are CUTE with profiled soles. Those shoes are so nicely made that I almost scream when I saw them. My mother in law bought them for my son. She is Greek so Europeans have something to quality shoes. She literally scream on me when she saw that my son wearing local cheap shoes. She said that shoes for kids should be made out of best leather, have arch support and be ankle supportive. She insisted that I only buy European made shoes because they are the best and orthopedic. Well, now I see what she is talking about. We got those shoes and a pair of sandals from that store and they are truly amazing quality shoes. I see a difference how well my son is walking and he does not complain of any discomfort. They are pricey but for a reason. I will buy more shoes in a Fall - for now we set with two pairs.