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Boys closed to sandal or shoe for flat feet

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Brands Remut

Product Code: Zygmunt Brown

  • SKU: 88-784514269
  • Children's shoes flat feet best shoes

    Best shoes for children with flat feet
    They provide orthopedic foot support that is needed for growing and forming feet.
    Good shoes for weak ankles in boys
    Soft leather ankle supportive best
    Great to wear with no socks since they would never cause any blisters
    Wear them once or twice with socks as leather adjust to child's feet then child can wear them with no socks. 
    Anti sweat soles present in those sandals
    Brown/khaki/beige leather,
    Tested in crazy heat weather and they never would cause any discomfort or smell
    Arches present like in all European made shoes.

    Best shoes for low arches in kids

    Good shoes for weak ankles in boys


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    J.D. - Amarillo, TX 2013-07-26 15:36:02

    I had those exact shoes in olive color last year and they wore so well that I decided to buy another pair in brown color. They are truly European made. My son wore them non stop daily for 8 months so I say he wore them out to death. Despite dirt, torture, scuffs that he made on those shoes they held up very well. I like the support inside of them because most local shoes sold in the stores simply do not have any arch support so go figure.

    Peter from NH 2012-04-12 21:51:46

    100 stars - those are true quality shoes. Well made with good profile inside. My son wore them for a week now and they are his favorite shoes so far. He wears them with no socks without any problems. Great buy!