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Brand: Falcotto

Product Code: Majka Beige

Chubby feet high instep toddler sneakers

Sneakers for girls with wide feet and high instep
Super combination of mash material and leather.
Gold with pink line for one of a kind affect
Easy on and off with velcros.
Orthopedic arches embedded into the sole of the model.
Antibacterial innersoles inside so no sweaty feet ever.
Trendy style from Serbia.
Try them they are durable and well made.
They could be worn with no socks.
Shoes are important for kids as they form their feet.
Child can avoid orthopedic problems with good shoes.
Pigeon toe, ankle pronation, flat feet are caused by cheap shoes with no support.
Flat feet could be genetic but that is 5% of whole population, rest of them are shoes.
Cheap shoes equals deformed feet.

Wide high instep toddler gold sneakers

Quality sneakers for girls from Serbia


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