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Corrective red boots for girls with best arch support

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Brands Murek

Product Code: Bombel Burgundy

  • SKU: 22-457852
  • Corrective boots for girls with best support.
    High arch
    walking high top boots for kids
    Burgundy leather and decorated with hearts.
    Ultra soft lamb leather
    High arches for kids
    Stable heel support for a child
    Soft collar for comfortable wear.
    Great ortho support inside with anti sweat soles.
    Those boots will help and over time solve many foot problems.
    Pigeon toes, ankle pronation, feet turning inwards, supination, flat feet.
    They offer everything that shoes should have to properly support child's foot.
    Shoes form Europe only are truly supportive ones.
    That is why in Europe no child wears low quality shoes ever.
    Only orthopedic best shoes as those since they form and support kids feet.
    Don't think of shoes as shoes - think best thing for your child that forms little feet and supports the posture.
    Europeans view shoes as medical, developmental need, that forms kids feet and posture.
    Shoes cost lots of money in Europe as well.
    We do not have shoes for $5, $10, $15 or even $50...all shoes for children start with 90 Euro and up.
    The cost is calculated into production, quality of leather, orthopedic support and how they are measured and fit.
    Brands compete for customers but quality is present in all of the shoes.
    No cheap shoes are allowed for sale as they regulated by Ministry of Health.
    We do not have shoes from China either as they destroy and deform kids feet.

    High arch walking high top boots for kids

    Red leather shoes for girls with arches


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    Jacqueline from PA 2015-09-29 13:09:18

    Soft, supportive and very well made shoes. Cannot compare them to Primigi or Naturino that I normally buy. Those are way, way better, quality supportive shoes for a child. I never bought any shoes from that website although I seen their shoes online frequently. Well, it was a mistake, from now on I will buy every pair of shoes from them since they truly sell quality shoes as claimed.