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Corrective shoes for pigeon toes

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Manufacturer Remut

Product Code: Kami Burgundy

  • SKU: 55-5858
  • Corrective shoes for pigeon toes
    Good arch, good ankle support and none sweat soles.
    Quality girls shoes best to wear in any season.
    Reinforced ankle support that will keep ankles straight and aligned.
    Orthopedic arches present in a soles where arch is contoured into the soles.
    Rubber is a material that never goes flat so foot will be supported all the time.
    Dark red leather and decorated with green, red and burgundy colorful patches.
    Great European shoes for older girl with proper foot forming support.
    Shoes made in Europe are only orthopedic ones
    No shoes from China, Vietnam, Sri Lanka are orthopedic.
    Good shoes for a child is a must since they support their feet.
    Avoid wearing cheap shoes in general and only rotate them with quality shoes
    Those shoes form and support kids feet so if you rotate them with low quality you never see any improvement in foot alignment.
    Basically whatever quality shoe does to the foot, the cheap ones deforms and destroys kids foot so it will be like jojo effect.

    High arch walking shoes for girls from Europe

    Excellent orthopedic arch


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