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Brand: Bopi

Product Code: Plumet Brown

Daycare brown wide slippers for a child

Daycare slippers for a child
Orthopedic with arches absolute best for growing and developing girls feet.
Notice the heel has reinforced heel support and that is needed for ankle pronation.
Those slippers are not soft at the heel - cannot be since that is needed to prevent pronation.
Brown slippers for a child featuring a tiger.
Slippers that does not sweat on kids feet despite boiled wool.
Young walker best ankle slippers.
They offer special orthopedic sole that absorb sweat from kids feet.
Wool lined inside for warmth - kids will never sweat in them as they either since wool is a natural material.
Rubber comfortable soles best for running jumping turning and complete comfort.
Made in France out of quality materials only.
Zipper close that does not break or fall apart.
No slip house shoes.
Arches present in the soles so they are never flat - even slippers for children made in Europe.
Absolute best for growing and developing kids feet.

Please Note: soles on them run small so order size up.

Slippers that does not sweat on kids feet

Soft sole toddler slippers with good arches


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