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Brand: Naturino

Product Code: Torun Brown

Designer brown sneakers for boys from Europe

Designer brown sneakers for boys from Europe.
Quality leather sneakers for boys decorated with a star
Leather inside and out with good orthopedic support.
Ankle support in the is great with reinforced heel support.
Wide toe box and great for wider feet and high instep.
Orthopedic arches are added to the soles of those cool shoes
Feet will never sweat in them either due to special innersoles.
They close with velcros.
No cheap shoes with zero support are allowed for sale in Europe.
Generations of kids grew up on those shoes and end up with perfect well formed feet.
Feet are so important for kids well being and whole posture.
If destroyed person as an adult will face lots of problems with back, knees, feet and body form.
Kids feet are like jello you can form them any way you like.
Proper supportive shoes will form and support toddlers foot
Cheap shoes with zero support will cause all orthopedic problems children experience.
Child is not born with pigeon toes, pronation or collapsed ankles.
Shoes support kids feet so it is important that best one are put on child 24/7.
In Europe no child walks around with pronated, deformed feet.
Every child wears local shoes and ends up with good feet.
European shoes are the only orthopedic ones - truly orthopedic.
Those sneakers are orthopedic with proper orthopedic support that every child does need.

Ankle support best leather sneakers for boys

High arch leather sneakers for boys


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