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Sneakers for girls from France that are designer

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Product Code: Zalice Beige

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  • Designer orthopedic sneakers for girls
    Unique, cute and supportive.
    Beige leather with metallic trim.
    Zipper close and lace for decoration.
    Child can wear them entire season with no socks.
    Arches added into the soles of the model since no flat shoes is ever produced.
    Basically sole is contoured to child's foot and gives optimal support.
    This is technology since 1990 that was changed since leather innersoles over time go flat.
    Leather is soft pliable material.
    Like all the shoes made in Europe.
    They are all orthopedic, never flat.
    Girl will never sweat in those sneakers either so perfect to wear them with no socks.
    They absorb sweat from child foot.
    Provide proper ankle and heel support.
    Light in weight and perfect for walking.
    Best sneakers that you can buy that any child will like.
    Sneakers as those made in Europe and they are truly supportive and orthopedic.
    No cheap flat shoes is ever produced in Europe since they forming and supporting kids feet and posture.
    We in Europe view kids shoes as developmental medical need - not a fashion statement.
    Thus every child in Europe wears only quality shoes at all times and as feet grow and develop we do not display any orthopedic problems
    That is why those shoes are expensive in Europe since they well made and designed according to orthopedic standards.

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    Beige metallic leather sneakers girls


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